Leslie Keffer

Leslie Keffer began in the early 2000s, making layered noise music with mostly radios and vocals, without initially knowing of a surrounding scene for this type of expression. From there, she toured incessantly as a solo artist and also as a member of Laundry Room Squelchers or Indian Jewelry. Keffer also collaborated with a number of artists, including Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Rodger Stella, Sharkiface, and a number of others.

Near the dawn of the 2010s, electronic percussion began to slowly impress itself upon part of Keffer’s set-up as part of her evolution, until an injury caused her epilepsy to worsen, leaving her unable to tour, and keeping her away from creative outlets, for the most part, until her resurgence in 2022.

At that time, she re-emerged with an involvement in around sixteen releases for the year 2022 alone; Much of it more conventional, beat-driven music, with some video work, and occasionally more accessible vocal presentations than what had been largely buried under radio signals before.

Perceive and Aethereal (no part of it) built upon Keffer’s loose electronic instrumentation that was set into motion on Temple (Chocolate Monk) which itself was a departure from her 2 disc set Human Inosculation (Weatnu), comprised of mostly beat-driven work.

In addition to further proving her ability as an experimental artist on Perceive and Aethereal (“sibling albums”, she calls them), Keffer has developed a unique brand from elements of electronic, psychedelic, new age ambient music, with more structurally sound methods of execution. Keffer’s newfound talent for vocal melodies and delivery saw her featured in The Wire Magazine’s 2023 REWIND issue, among a myriad of other glowing reviews throughout the year.

Leslie Keffer


""self-aware" noise music"

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Leslie Keffer
Veiled Matter

drone / experimental electronic / ambient industrial / new age / psychedelic

"Arabic scales and ambitious phrasing"

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