What is GetMusic?

Some background...

I built this site to scratch my itch.

A platform like Bandcamp is a fantastic tool to promote your music and profit from your efforts.

Bandcamp can be very valuable for independent artists, and a few sales on Bandcamp can easily make you more money than thousands of streams on some other unnamed services.

The problem is that Bandcamp needs to make promotion and discovery easier.

I have always liked the download codes that Bandcamp gives you, and I have used them to promote my music—either posting them on my socials or in online forums where folks post codes.

Using Bandcamp codes online has always been a weird experience. People post pages of codes, and users try to keep track of the used ones.

It's a process that is "broken."

GetMusic fixes this.

Artists can promote their releases without having to worry about tracking codes. When a fan clicks the link to redeem a code, it's automatically redeemed, and the code is marked as used so that it won't be handed out again.

In the week after the site's initial launch, I promoted one of my releases and gained more followers on Bandcamp than I have after a year of self-promotion.

Build Your Audience

GetMusic is a resource for artists to grow their Bandcamp following quickly.

If you are interested, we invite you to try it free to promote one of your releases.

Just head over to

If this is the first you are hearing about Bandcamp codes and you would like to learn more about how they work, check out the following articles:
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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Chuck // GetMusic

Don't take our word for it,
see what other artists have to say...

It's easily the best way to promote your music and build a following. It’s also a great way to build a music collection. Honestly, it's my go-to site, beside Bandcamp, for the community of talent and those with great taste.

After 24 hours of using GetMusic and some very modest promoting, 23 people have downloaded a copy of my album, "Who Goes There?" I was very enthused to see almost all the users were new. In addition to the downloads, I've also been receiving more streams than I usually do; very cool!

GetMusic has increased our engagement immensely in a short time. Fans being able to return to an album in their collection quickly has also led to more sales in the long run. GetMusic is a must-have for any musician or label who wants to keep fans engaged while simultaneously finding new ones.

@GetMusicfm is the reason why I discovered this community. Not only are they getting music out there and visible, they are bringing people together!

I'm delighted with my initial results from GetMusic. In less than a week, I've gained 24 followers & a handful have even purchased my discography.

GetMusic has really helped me grow as an artist. Just in 2 weeks I gained over 50 followers. This also gave an opportunity for some artists who had already been following but couldn't support me to have something of mine in their Bandcamp collection.

I'm really glad that I did this now. I've got the most daily Bandcamp streams that I've ever had, plus 20 download code redemptions so far today, and a load of new followers.

I used GetMusic to build the Bandcamp fanbase a bit in advance of my next album release. I made 100 codes available and shared this across X and FB groups. All codes were gone in under a week, I sold more physical copies in a day than ever before and grew the fan base. Win!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I use @GetMusicfm because it's the easiest way to share my songs with people who love music. It's also a great way to find music for my weekly indie music show on @audiomiragepdx radio! has been great for my followers and exposure. Had 12 Bandcamp followers for quite some time, and within a week am at 75 and counting! Great folks, great service, highly recommend for anyone who is looking for Bandcamp exposure! And yeah - the first round is free!

GetMusic helped me to spread my music online and get a lot of downloads for my album - 20 in less than 24 hours! I will be using GetMusic again for my next release!

I'm super pleased. You've almost doubled my followers, and surprisingly, I got a fair number of sales, too! is a super useful way to get new people engaged in your music on Bandcamp!

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