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"As the manager of a growing indie distributor on Bandcamp, allowing our audience to share and easily collect our music has been essential to our growth. Using this site has increased our engagement immensely in a short time. Fans being able to return to an album in their collection quickly has also led to more sales in the long run. GetMusic is a must-have for any musician or label who wants to keep fans engaged while simultaneously finding new ones."

"I'm delighted with my initial results from GetMusic. In less than a week, I've gained 24 followers & a handful have even purchased my discography."

GetMusic helped me to spread my music online and get a lot of downloads for my album - 20 in less than 24 hours! I will be using GetMusic again for my next release!

After 24 hours of using GetMusic and some very modest promoting, 23 people have downloaded a copy of my album, "Who Goes There?" I was very enthused to see almost all the users were new. In addition to the downloads, I've also been receiving more streams than I usually do; very cool!

“GetMusic has really helped me grow as an artist. Just in 2 weeks I gained over 50 followers. This also gave an opportunity for some artists who had already been following but couldn't support me to have something of mine in their Bandcamp collection.”

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