STCLVR (pronounced streetcleaver) is the solo project of non-binary western NY resident g. mor. STCLVR began as a noisier, primal, loop-based power electronics act in 2015, until Mor took a slightly different approach with 2017's Predator album, presenting somewhat more accessible but equally nasty, brooding, throbbing industrial "pop" tunes with elements of witch-house, ebm, and hardcore cyber-punk. Throughout this shift and to this day, however, one foot remains firmly planted in the noise and power electronics community which nourished them early on. STCLVR creates a sound that appeals to fans of the aforementioned genres as well as more traditional industrial rock and ebm heads. Mor also frequently collaborates and performs with artists from both communities and sees STCLVR as a type of "overlap" project which can exist in and adapt to many different circles without sacrificing their own unique vision.


industrial / power electronics

"fever dream disco"

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