Various Artists - moon musiq

moon musiq is a netlabel created as a way for the members of the Yugo wave / dark wave / industrial / italodisco DEEP DIVE DISCORD server to create music together and to distribute it online for anyone to enjoy. This server was created by YouTuber ThisMachineKillsMusic as a meeting spot for people who appreciate industrial, dark ambient, and noise.

Our releases are published on Bandcamp with accompanying visualizers on YouTube. All music is available as pay-what-you-want with all proceeds going directly to charities that fight human trafficking.

Various Artists - moon musiq
Small Sounds for Small Bugs

gimmick / insects / industrial / noise / ambient / electronic / experimental

"30-second tracks about bugs"

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Various Artists - moon musiq
Exotic Functions: A Very Friendly Tribute to Throbbing Gristle

dark ambient / industrial / noise / electronic / experimental / tribute

"A tribute to Throbbing Gristle"

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Various Artists - moon musiq
Supersexy Slasher Sounds

dark ambient / industrial / noise / halloween

"Tracks with horror movie samples."

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Various Artists - moon musiq
Urban Graves for Feral Souls

dark ambient / industrial / noise / weird / electronic / experimental / magick / witchy

"Witches, witchcraft, and magick."

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Various Artists - moon musiq
M​.​E​.​C​.​H​.​A. (Mechanical Exoskeleton: Cybernetic Humanoid Armaments)

dark ambient / industrial / noise / compilation / giant robot / mecha / neon genesis evangelion / electronic / experimental

"M.E.C.H.A.'s sonic maximizer to lobby for peace."

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Various Artists - moon musiq

industrial / avant-garde / electronic / experimental

"All proceeds go to"

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