Artist Spotlight - Through Mists

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What is your artist’s name?

Through Mists

How long have you been writing music?

I have been making music for over two decades but started Through Mists in 2021.

What inspired you to start playing and making music?

The feeling that music gives me was the first motivation to start making music.

What were the driving forces or pivotal moments that inspired you to pursue music?

Going to concerts of bands that I enjoyed when I was a teenager made me start pursuing music.

How would you describe your style of music?

Through Mists is a blackened progressive death metal band.

How is your personality reflected in your work?

I feel like I am a multifaceted individual with a lot of different interests and opinions, and this is reflected in the slightly avant-garde nature of the music in Through Mists.

Describe your creative process when you write new music.

If I decide that I want to write a song or album, I usually get an idea of the themes I would like to explore, musically and lyrically, and then start writing on guitar. Step by step, I add bass, drums, and then some melodies or dissonance on the piano and/or synths. I sit with the demo for a month or two and if I still like it, I record vocals and mix and master it.

What is the name of your latest release?

Branches, out on July 12th on Bandcamp and streaming everywhere.

What was the inspiration for that release?

The birth of my son and the expansion of our family.

What challenges or unexpected moments did you encounter during the writing/recording process?

My old computer nearly crashed, and I almost lost all my work right as I was about to master the songs! Good thing I was able to retrieve the files and back them up!

What strategies do you find most effective for promoting your music?

Bandcamp codes and email lists have been very helpful, as has working with labels that want to put music on physical products without taking a license of the songs.

How do you engage with your fans online and offline?

I am very responsive to anyone reaching out, whether on social media or by email. I love to interact with people that enjoy my music!

What upcoming promotional activities or releases are you most excited about?

I am working on getting on more podcasts to promote the album and to increase the number of written reviews it can get.

How can folks contact you (socials/email/websites, etc.)?

Here are all my links!

Is there anything else of interest that we should have asked about? Please include it here.

I just want to say a big thank you to GetMusicFM and to everyone who has taken a moment to listen to Through Mists!


Through Mists' music is a passionate blend of melody and dissonance. In the current landscape of extreme metal, Through Mists focuses on adding many different elements to progress the genre in various directions. A one man project, Through Mists album BRANCHES features 5 songs of melodic intensity that also bring in unsettling dissonance. The collection on offer here skews to the dark aggression with a melodious feel that makes you think "This is some upbeat aggression!" 'BRANCHES' will be released independently on July 12th, 2024.

Through Mists

blackened death metal

"aspects of melody, dissonance , fast crips riffing and even some sludgier parts"

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