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Arvo Zylo

In 2005, Arvo Zylo constructed a drone piece out of several layered samples from pop divas holding sustained notes. It was submitted to a compilation with this information ahead of time, and rejected out of fear of copyright retribution. Thinking that since no single sample therein is easily recognizable in the slightest, "Upheaval" was reworked in a total of 100 different versions, the final version being four hours long ("The torture has been transcended" - WIRE Magazine).

This release, which was released in a cassette edition by deadbeat Czech label Nova Alternativa, is now available on pro CDR in the states, because the label failed to send artist copies after over three years of waiting. I do not recommend ordering the cassette edition, and the label had requested not to have the full release on bandcamp because of it. So now, after two years of only being a single, the full release is available to stream, download, or purchase in PRO CDR format.

This is the second full-length collection of Upheaval versions. The first was released on cassette by Tymbal Tapes, and features versions 63-69. More than just drone material, this edition of "UPHEAVAL", traverses several different approaches, from soundtracky ambient "vistas" to abrasive industrial repetition.

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