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Blood Rhythms

During quarantine, Arvo Zylo spent a fair amount of time "microdosing" psychedelic mushrooms, and in that process, occasionally found a happy medium within the balance of functional creativity and intuition under that influence. In his constant quest to understand this strange concept of "minimalism" within his chaotic and hopelessly "maximalist" brain, it became relevant to explore areas that have been touched on in the past, but not fully realized, and to revisit some unreleased material from 2005 and modify it, as it seems part of a current "industrial drone zeitgeist" of sorts.

What we have here are further explorations in repetition and drone aesthetics, but the results are never truly minimal. Instead, there are often mountains of layers and loops, fused into something that might serve as heavy meditation music, for those few who are initiated enough to sit and ingest it without having an anxiety attack. One might call it "ecstatic drone", as it was a joy to create, and it was certainly not meant to promote restfulness exactly.

In some cases, there are samples of factory machines juxtaposed in a way that is effectively comparable to tribal drumming, while in other cases, there are several disparate sounds combined through space and time until it sounded like there was someone screaming in the mix somewhere; A sound of different source materials battling for dominance over one another. There are also plenty of parts here that could border on "harsh noise wall", but more in the application of layered sounds than layers of distortion, although there is plenty of that to be had as well.

Shifting tectonic plates of sound grind themselves into dust and are forgotten.


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