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Death Factory
Vol. 3

Just in time for Michael Krause's 35th anniversary as a [home] recording artist, "Vol. 3" is here, collecting material mostly from around ten years ago, with the exception of one track, "...More Disturbing American Policies", which was for the long since defunct Terry Plumming label in 2001.

Being that "Vol. 2" was last released in 2007, we here at NO PART OF IT HQ thought it'd be prudent to continue the series, which initially focused on bringing out-of-print or unheard recordings back into the light once more. For "Vol. 3" two tracks come from releases on the late great NO VISIBLE SCARS label, who put out Death Factory's "Chilling Impressions" and "Maschinen Unter Kontrolle" to a perfectly primed audience rearing for VHS grit and low grade horror.

To round out what would, in a perfect world, be a nice double vinyl LP, "Prophecy" is an unreleased, side-long piece that didn't make it onto Death Factory's massive self-released "Prophecy of The Black Spider" 2xC60 tape set (2009), bringing what this author thinks is a montage of the project's best works (as of this writing) to a close.

Below is what has previously been written for the Death Factory release on no part of it, "VAULT-30", which is still mostly relevant to Vol. 3.

Although his first live performances didn't really happen until 2005 or so, Michael Krause has been active since 1988. His first known appearance was on a track with Scott Marshall of the legendary (in some circles) Chicago noise outfit Burden of Friendship, for the 1990 compilation "What Is Truth? (Volume Three)" on Panic Records & Tapes.

As Death Factory, Krause has releases on labels such as Crucial Blast, Prison Tatt, Smell The Stench, At War With False Noise, RRRecords, and No Visible Scars, as well as countless tapes and CDRs that are still yet to have any representation on the internet. In some cases, these releases can be heard only within the cavernous bowels of freeform radio station WZRD's library, where Krause was a music director some time throughout the 90s, and continues to remain on staff to this day.

Krause's main project has shared bills with Pharmakon, Illusion of Safety, Bloodyminded, and Burial Hex, among others. With the name taken from a 1979 Throbbing Gristle release that came to be known as "Live At Death Factory", this deeply rustic project ranges in style from ambient to harsh noise, but is always firmly rooted in true industrial culture.

Over time, Death Factory's sound has developed into a peculiarly isolationist form of refined, yet still somewhat crude sonic revelry; rife with obscure samples, scrap metal, deathly synth patterns, and monstrous effects, all woven into a unique brand of concrete horrorscape that is as unpretentious as it is inimitable. Not just for fans of industrial noise, people who like genuinely intuitive experimental music, as well as kraut-rock-inspired psychedelic electronic sounds would also find plenty to chew on with this release.
released March 3, 2023

All Sounds By Michael Krause
Recorded In Real Time
Art by James Koehnline
Layout by Arvo Zylo

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