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I live in the countryside, which I generally find very nice. You have beautiful lakes and forests around you. Mountains are within reach. It's good to live here. I know. What I sometimes miss is the music scene that Vienna has to offer. I often think I would have gotten further as a musician if only I had changed my location 10 years ago and played more concerts in clubs. I actually did, but it was always costly and so on. Playing in clubs is something that doesn't work very well here in the country. If people want to dance, they are often oriented towards more experimental beats or don't know what to do with ambient. On the other hand, I'm often quickly bored by dance music, but that's probably because I don't produce for the dancefloor but ... but for you or me. That's why I just wanted to try out what happens when I force myself to produce tracks that are as dancy as possible. Also it's something new for me to let a straight bassdrum run for a whole track and not to cut the 100th break somewhere. Bassdrum, bass and ambient pads. Feels a bit like a new suit that is chic but still a bit scratchy. Out came the project "Devanfalls" which means as much as the waterfalls of the poet.

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