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Werk 900 01

Every second counts. Hits need to unfold in three minutes - verse, chorus, verse, chorus - catchy and concise to make it in the market. MAJ.MIN and FIRNWALD break this norm down by half and release the split album "WERK900." A tribute to the fleetingness of life.

MAJ.MIN starts with "MM9-1 (UNDER_)". A combination of percussion and synthesizers taking big steps into a night of the unpredictable. All eyes are on you. And then? It's over. No time. FIRNWALD's "LES-LES-5" takes over the next 90 seconds. Trance-like sounds that linger in your head for a moment, searching and disappearing. An invitation to follow the unknown, to close your eyes. Every second counts. And then? It's over. Eight more tracks follow, a roller coaster ride without tension, a variety that does not seek excitement. A sparring match without punches.

MAJ.MIN and FIRNWALD take the listeners on a journey without a destination, without a conclusion, diving in, taking a breath, moving on, and then it stops again. "WERK900" creates space - not only through titles like "RENDER_3HO" or "M-M9-2BIKE", which allow for a lot of interpretation, but also through unexpected soundscapes that bring joy out of darkness, invite melancholy to dance, or turn hope into a rush. And then? It's over. The listener is left alone. It has rarely been more appealing to enjoy the silence in its serenity.

Every song on "WERK900" begins like a mysterious intro to an unknown destination. Somewhere out there will be the mysterious place that calls for words for which there are none. A striving for a beginning without end. "WERK900" is an attempt at a reinvention, a mathematical construct without a solution. A game that is based on seriousness, but does not take itself too seriously.

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