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Matt DeMello
Confetti in a Coalmine

"It's really good! It's nuts and I'm not sure what time of day I'm supposed to put it on, but it's far from awful."
- Chris Walla, lead guitar in Death Cab for Cutie 1997-2014, Half of Justice Recording, producer of The Ratboys

"'Confetti in a Coalmine', sounds like Jonathan Coulton binging Van Dyke Parks after taking those pills from Limitless. Perhaps 'They Might Be Giants teaming up with Frank Zappa to write a musical' is a more apt comparison – as long as you also include references to Ben Folds, Todd Rundgren, Chris Opperman, and maybe a dash of Phish at their most absurd."
- Chris Ingalls, Pop Matters

"A demented carousel of musical genres and stylings that’s perfectly at home in a world of ongoing pandemic and ferocious, brainless scrolling... The unifying themes of irreverence, absolute disdain, and jaunty theatrics combined with DeMello’s musical charm and a slew of special guests make this LP a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking listen."
- Glide Magazine

"It’s an interesting time to be living in America, to say the least. DeMello sees the weirdness of our time and wrote ‘(A-Typical) Candidate [For Rampage Violence]’ as a response to the strange. In Zappa fashion, sometimes it takes an absurd piece of art to pull back the curtain."
- It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

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