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Quarantine Barbie

At the time I released this album/EP, I had described it as a "manic rush" of inspiration. It was put on wax during spring/summer but not released until December of 2020 on Bandcamp. By the time it was released, new songs were being written for a very different dark tone on the "Bella" EP. The songs written during the "Quarantine Barbie" period are a snapshot of the early beginnings of the pandemic when toilet paper shortages and the weirdness of unprescendented times resulted in a lot of binge drinking and contemplation. It's oddly playful compared to other Quizboy releases despite heavy subject matter. There was a music video for "Suburbia" that had some interesting activity and was even reviewed by some YouTube content creators before being "restricted" by YouTube due to violent imagery.

"Suburbia" music video:

Press Release:

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