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Reality Scruncher
Ennui And Terror In The Void

In the distant future, humanity has become god-like in our reach. We have mastered our biology, the planets, the stars, and all of the known forces. We want for nothing. We want nothing. We are almost extinct.

Boredom reigns, a miserly monarch squatting heavily in an infinite universe. Trillions die by their own hands every day, the spark that keeps us thriving having long been extinguished by the post-scarcity future that so many dreamed of.

A lone spacecraft plunges through the void, distorting and twisting space as the sole occupant steers it ever onward. For millions of years the pilot pushes deeper, surpassing anyone that has explored anything... ever.

One fateful day, the spacecraft finds something never before seen.

One fateful day, the pilot discovers the most exciting thing that has ever happened.

One fateful day, humanity is reunited with terror once again.

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