Dave Fuglewicz

Dave Fuglewicz (like FEW/FYOO-GULL-WITZ) began experimenting with electronics in the 1970s, and then later only started meddling with recording techniques in 1984. Yet still, he waited another six years before he released his first tape in 1990, which was incidentally the year he claimed to have bought a 4 track recorder.

"At that time I was unaware just how large the independent tape network was, but I was about to find out." Dave wrote about his first tape.

Prior to that, he did "sound on sound" recordings with a walkman and a radio shack tape deck, eventually succeeded by a reel-to-reel recorder. Dave's project name was initially called "Industrial Strength", and it went for two releases before he began simply using his own name as a solo artist.

Dave Fuglewicz
Selected Works, 1990​-​1997

experimental electronic / noise / ambient industrial

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