Lovers of anything that jangles, we are the official label of the janglepophub blog and twitter site.

Founded by James Shoesmith, Dan Sweeney, Julie Fowler, Beth Dobson and Darrin Lee

all Alternative Classic Pop Punk
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Solomon's Tump (2023 Remaster)

jangle-pop / 60s pop / melodic pop / lo-fi pop / folk pop

"20th anniversary release"

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John McCabe

college rock / jangle-pop

"jangled riffs and glorious melodies"

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The Zesty Italians
Mocean of the Otion (Extended Play)

indie-pop / jangle-pop

"7 new songs plus a bonus track"

100 codes remaining

The Candy Strypers
Now and Then

jangle-pop / 60s pop / melodic pop / lo-fi pop

"Jangly 60s inspired melodic-pop."

42 codes remaining

Grand Drifter
Paradise Window

indie pop / jangle pop / sophisti-pop

"shimmers with a pop accomplishment"

59 codes remaining

Pretty In Pink

post-punk / indie pop / jangle pop

"jangled riffs and the spacious cool"

59 codes remaining

The Radio Field
Don'ts and Dos

indie pop / jangle pop / sophisti-pop

"chiming and crisp jangly guitar-pop"

61 codes remaining

Alpine Subs
Come On Over To My House

indie pop / jangle pop / 60s pop

"Live recording with a deliberately lo-fi retro production"

78 codes remaining

Sandra's Wedding
The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service

indie pop / jangle pop / sophisti-pop

"Explanation of small town UK life"

48 codes remaining
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