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The Candy Strypers
Painting By Numbers & An Education (Double CD​/​Album)

Less than six months after Subjangle and Paul Hughes' The Candy Strypers solo recording project released the Now & Then double album, the same combination is back to bring you the latest Painting by Numbers (tracks 10–12 or CD1) and An Education (tracks 13–22 or CD2) to try and appease his growing legion of loyal fans that have bombarded the label with mail!

Prolific without ever threatening to move towards the realms of jaded The Candy Strypers aesthetic will appeal to those who lust after all things 69s pop while still retaining a hankering for bedroom pops' modernity.

As The Candy Strypers Bandcamp page tagline states, "Come on in the waters melodic," and it truly is!

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