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Interesting People

electronic / indie dance / post-punk

"Chill, yet possess the energy to make you move."

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Noir & Jazz & Dark & Slow​.​.​.

jazz / dark jazz / darkjazz / doom jazz / post-jazz

"A mingling of jazz, post-rock and dark ambient."

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Every Thing

electronic / indie dance / post-punk

"Uplifting synth bops, timeless and nostalgic."

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Eye of the Wild

electronic / darkwave / space music / industrial

"A unique blend of synthwave and doomy rock"

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Kevin Robertson
Magic Spells Abound

pop / psychedelic rock / jangle pop / power pop

"Power-pop with jangled riffs and harmonies"

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James Parrott
Dawn of Aten

ambient / drone

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(picnic, lightning)

shoegaze / post-punk / indie pop

"Concise and ambitious jangle pop gems"

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