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julien demoulin
Inner Lives

ambient / drone / electronic / experimental

"Introspective soundscapes and drones, ethereal ambient, sometimes sleepy, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes uneasy...often slow, always dreamy."

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Caught In Joy

ambient / berlin school / electronic / space music

"driven by groovy beats and the smooth, dreamy sounds of modular and Moog synthesizers"

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The Macrotones
From the Void

funk / psychedelic / rock / soul

"10-piece psych soul funk"

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Flying Vipers

dub / dubwise / lo-fi / reggae / rockers / rocksteady / roots / ska / tape

"for fans of King Tubby, Lee Perry, and 70s dubwise"

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Porcelain by Porcelain

fuzz-pop / indie pop / jangle-pop / lo-fi

"glitch, jangle, and post-punk inflections"

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Dino DiMuro with Darren Lee Richardson
You're Pushing Me Into The Arms Of The Print Sisters

alternative rock / experimental rock / rock vocals

"Combines Dino's quirky rattletrap rhythms with Darren's killer stadium vocals"

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Kevin Robertson
The Call Of The Sea

jangle-pop / psyche-pop / sixties

"jangle riffs that coerse through the most vibrant of psyche-pop and rock inflections."

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"explores a variety of electronic styles under a cohesive sound"

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Kat Bryan
Live at The Golden Lion

electropop / gothic / synthpop

"all recorded live at The Golden Lion"

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